Father Of One Of R. Kelly's Alleged Sex Victims Hits Back At The Singer

R. Kelly's confessional "I Admit" didn't do much for Angelo Clary, the father of one of the R&B singer's alleged sex slaves, who recently spoke to TMZ about the entire debacle.

In a new video interview, Clary explained that R. Kelly took advantage of his daughter when she was only 17-years-old, which is a year too early under Florida law. "What did he admit to? I'm still asking myself this question," the concerned father told TMZ. "My daughter was underage. You want to know the definition of a pedophile? It's what you did to take advantage of my child in the state of Florida when she was 17."

In the end, Clary didn't have any sympathy for the star, who also revealed his illiteracy and financial woes on the viral track. However, he did suggest one easy fix to try and remedy the situation. "Let them kids go," he declared.

As we previously reported, R. Kelly dropped an explosive 19-minute track, where the R&B singer addressed plenty of his scandals, including allegations centered around kidnapping women and holding them against their will. Around the eight-minute mark of the cut, the singer tackled the sex cult claims, singing, "I admit I am not perfect/ I never said I was perfect/ Say I'm abusing these women/ What the f**k?/ That's some absurd s**t/ They brainwashed?/ Really?/ Kidnapped?/ Really?/ Can't eat?/ Really?/ Real talk/ That s**t sound silly."

Photo: Getty Images

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