Grandson Slit Grandmother's Throat Because He Didn't Want To Care For Her

Police in Arizona arrested a 30-year-old man after he allegedly slit his grandmother's throat. Brandon Smith was caring for his 81-year-old grandmother, who suffered from dementia, when he snapped after she urinated on herself on Saturday night. 

According to the police report, Smith took his grandmother to the bathtub and slapped her so hard she was knocked unconscious. He then went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and killed her in the bathtub. He reportedly called police before fleeing the scene

Police managed to track Smith down and took him into custody where he faces a charge of first-degree murder. Once in custody, he admitted to killing his grandmother and explained that he didn't want her to "live like this anymore," and that he was tired of being the only person in his family who still took care of her. 

Smith was already on probation for aggravated assault. 

Photo: Chandler Police Department

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