Is Gina Rodriguez Engaged? There's A Huge Diamond Ring On That Finger

Is Gina Rodriguez engaged? It sure looks like she might be! While on vacation in Mexico to celebrate her 34th birthday, the Jane the Virgin star shared a photo with her boyfriend (possible finacé) Joe LoCicero on her Instagram story and there just happens to be a sparkly diamond ring on *that* finger. She also shared a photo on her timeline, this time sans Joe, that showcases the beautiful ring. Joe also posted a photo - they're on a tropical vacation, can you blame them? - where the ring is on display. 

If they are engaged, Joe and Gina are definitely not trying to hide the engagement ring. None of the photos that the ring appear in, though, have any mention of upcoming vows. Even if it's not an engagement ring, it's still a gorgeous piece of jewelry. 

According to Cosmopolitan, Gina first met Joe on the set of Jane the Virgin, however, they didn't start dating until she ran into him at the gym a few months later. It's been two years since that fateful gym meeting, so, we should all take this as a sign to go to the gym more. Also, it would be super sweet if these longtime loves were making it official with a wedding. 

We'll just have to see if Gina is the latest celeb to get engaged this summer. Maybe she can call up Hailey Baldwin, Ariana, Grande, Karlie Kloss, or Priyanka Chopra to chat wedding planning. 2018 is the summer of love, apparently! Congrats to all the (maybe) engaged couples. 

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