Man Discovers Foxes Were Stealing Newspapers And Dumping Them In His Yard

A North Carolina man could not understand why newspapers kept piling up in his backyard. At first, James Eubanks didn't give much thought to the papers in his backyard - he just tossed them in the recycling bin and went about his day.

But, after it happened again, Eubanks started to wonder who was stealing phonebooks and newspapers from his neighbors, and why they were dumping them in his backyard. Eubanks decided to set up a night-vision camera to catch the culprits. When he reviewed the footage he was shocked by what he saw: The newspapers were being dropped off by some wild foxes.

"It clearly shows him with a newspaper," Eubanks told Fox8. "I had no idea we were going to find foxes."

He shared photos of the foxes with the newspapers in their mouth on Facebook

It seems that the guys in the first photo show up about 9:30PM and play until 5:30AM the next morning. The second photo is a bit blurred because of his speed, but you can plainly see him carrying a newspaper in his mouth.

Eubanks believes there are three foxes that deliver the newspapers and phonebooks to his backyard, but he has no idea why they are doing it or why they chose his backyard.

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