School District Replacing Snow Days With Online Learning Days

kids walking to school in the snow

This winter, kids in one South Carolina school district will no longer be able to look forward to snow days. Anderson School District 5 has decided to eliminate snow days, and will replace them with "eLearning days." 

When the conditions do not allow faculty and students to make it to school safely, teachers will send assignments to students online. The district said that students who do not have power or the ability to get online will have five days to complete the work. 

The district explained that the policy is a win-win for parents and teachers. Eliminating snow days means that school's will not have to make up the days later in the year, and parents can plan vacations without worrying if those days will be taken away. It will be easier for teachers to stick to their lesson plans and can keep students engaged even when they are at home. 

Anderson School District 5 Superintendent Tom Wilson told the Washington Post that parents are mostly supportive of the idea, but he does expect them to have questions about the policy once the new school year begins. 

Photo: Getty Images

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