Steve Harvey Shocked By Family Feud Contestant's Emotional Confession

You never know what to expect on Family Feud - there could be gross answers, there could be potential murderers, or there could even be responses that offend hostSteve Harveyso much that he threatens to leave the stage. However, on a recent episode of the hit game show, something happened that very few members of the audience were even aware of... until now. 

Steve shared the story with the studio audience of his talk show, revealing that there was one Family Feud contestant who was sweating so much they had to change his shirt. Steve joked with the man about it, but started to feel that something might be wrong with him. Meanwhile, the man's family had been on the show for three days, but they hadn't yet won the big money. They finally did win it all, earning themselves a fast $20,000, and when they did, the man fell to his knees, broke down, and cried.  

When Steve asked him why he was so emotional, the man's answer truly moved him. 

The contestant revealed that he was terminally ill with only months to live. Unable to get insurance, he planned to use the money they won to help take care of his family. Surprised and touched, Steve gave him another $25,000. 

Respecting the family's privacy, Harvey didn't reveal who the contestants were, but whoever they are, they will likely never forget Steve's generosity. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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