Terrified Woman Films Gross, Mysterious "Rat Worm" Creature On Her Porch

Rats are pretty gross and worms are pretty gross, so you can imagine how disgusted one woman was to find a mysterious creature that looks like a worm with a rat's tail, crawling its way around her porch. Bex Deen of Southampton, England captured video of the nasty creepy-crawler and it's both repulsed and confused people across the world

In the clip, the five-inch long "animal" wriggles its way around and even its movement is enough to cause nightmares. While some people suspect the creature is some kind of alien, others think it is a rat-tailed maggot. However, rat-tailed maggots typically are just an inch long and this one is five-times that size. 

If it is a rat-tailed maggot, it will turn into drone fly and for now uses its tail to breathe while its submerged in the stagnant water where it grows. 

Or maybe it isn't a maggot at all and is actually some weird moving corn dog. 

Whatever it is, here's hoping you never find one in your house. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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