Are Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Already Married?

Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin already get married? Crazier things have happened! You know, like getting engaged after dating for less than a month. Now, less than a month after Justin popped the question in the Bahamas, Hailey has been spotted around New York City wearing a diamond wedding band instead of her gigantic engagement ring. Is it possible that Justin and Hailey have tied the knot just 22 days after getting engaged? Let's investigate.

On Monday (July30), 21-year-old Hailey stepped out with her fiancé (possible husband) sans engagement ring. Instead of her engagement ring, Hailey was spotted wearing what appeared to be a diamond eternity band, as well as a second thick gold band on the same finger. Interesting. Very interesting. If you zoom in on the below picture, you can see the two (wedding) bands. 

This change is significant because just the day before on Sunday (July 29), Hailey was spotted in New York City still wearing her engagement ring. If they did get married, that would mean it probably happened sometime on Sunday. 

Earlier this week, Justin teased fans with a hint that the wedding could potentially be happening soon. When the paparazzi caught up with Justin and Hailey on Sunday, they asked what's next for him. Instead of giving an update on music career, Justin simply said, "What's next? Getting married," according to a video on TMZ. The engaged couple then smiled at each other before making their exit. Did Justin literally mean that getting married was next? Like, as in, we're about to get married right now?

Maybe she’s just getting the engagement ring resized this week? Or she's worried about wearing such a massive diamond on her person at all times? Those are definitely options, but the two bands on Hailey's ring finger are definitely suspicious. As of today, though, Justin hasn't been spotted wearing a wedding band on his ring finger. We'll just have to wait for more clues to appear before this mystery can be solved. 

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