Betty White Started Trending and Gave Twitter Users a Heart Attack

It was recently announced that a Betty White documentary was going to be making its way to PBS next month. With the news came a lot of internet buzz about the iconic actress. With internet buzz comes trending topics on Twitter. And when you see a 96-year-old's name trending on Twitter your brain automatically goes to the worst case scenario.

That's exactly what happened to fans when they read White's name in the lefthand corner of their computer screens, and many tweeted what we all were thinking. 

"Every time I see Betty White trending, I have to take a deep breath before I click to see why," one user wrote. 

"jesus f*** i saw that betty white was trending and my heart stopped for a second," another fearful fan confessed.

Some people weren't even sure why the Golden Girls star was trending in the first place but were just happy she was alive. "Seeing all these tweets of people freaking out because Betty White is trending (honestly same) but I still haven't figured out why Betty White started trending," one fan wrote. Another suggested giving elderly celebrities special icons when they begin to trend, so we know why.

Check out our favorite Betty White trending reactions below, and make sure to tune in to Betty White: First Lady of Television August 21 on PBS.

Photo: Getty Images

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