Dance Group's Video Welcoming Britney Spears To Brighton Goes Viral

This dance group's Britney Spears-inspired routine will have you screaming, "Gimme, gimmie more!" The Princess of Pop received quite the welcome to Brighton Pride — where Spears is slated to headline the festival in Preston Park on August 4 — when 201 Dance Company paid homage to the pop star with a dedicated dance break to the sounds of her smash song, "Gimme More."

Bursting with vibrant and intricate movements, the clip shows the troupe hitting the city's streets before scenes cut to the dancers showing out at the Pavilion Gardens, Palace Pier and Kensington Gardens for the rhythmic presentation.

Check out the video below:

The video, which was choreographed and directed by the organization's founder Andrew Walker, has already received nearly 10,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on July 23. "I'm losing count of the views, it’s getting a bit insane," Walker told Brighton & Hove Independent of the reception her project has garnered. "I always wanted it to go viral but obviously I had no idea."

Walker began working on the performance piece once Spears announced she'd be bringing her "Piece of Me" Las Vegas show to the United Kingdom. Her group spent a month mastering the moves and was a sentimental experience for the dance company. "I really wanted Brighton Pride and Britney to notice it," Walker explained, adding, "I really want to meet her and it's so lucky that this happened a month before we go on tour."

The "Piece of Me" musician has yet to recognize the video on social media, but here’s to hoping 201 Dance Company gets their much-deserved shout-out.

Photo: YouTube/201 Dance Company

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