Harry Styles Was Spotted Hanging Out With Karlie Kloss On A Yacht

Karlie Kloss and Harry Styles were spotted hanging out together on a yacht in Sicily because they lead interesting lives, okay? Iconic fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg shared a photo with the unlikely pair on her Instagram Tuesday afternoon. She captioned the photo "Glamorous lunch break!" Glamorous lunch break, indeed.

E! News reports that the photo was taken on DVF's husband Barry Diller's Eos yacht. The group is reported to be in Sicily for Google Camp, which is an exclusive VIP conference for A-list celebs and tech stars. How these guys ended up on DVF's personal yacht, though, remains a mystery. 

All three of them are rocking white t-shirts, as well, which makes you wonder if they co-ordinated their outfits for this picture. Yet another mystery. 

Apart from their possibly purposeful coordination outfits, the other thing people want solved is what this casual hangout means for Karlie's friendship with Taylor Swift. Harry famously inspired Taylor's best album, 1989 (don't @ me), and Karlie was a founding member of Taylor Swift's expansive squad. Recently, though, rumors have swirled that Karlie and Taylor had a major falling out. The rumors reached dizzying heights when Karlie posted a video of her playing basketball on Twitter and Instagram with the caption "Swish, swish." The internet basically lost it's mind because this was interpreted as reference to Katy Perry's Taylor Swift diss track of the same name. Some fans are speculating that Karlie and Harry hanging out means that Kaylor really is over. Kaput. Dunzo. 

It seems unlikely that Karlie or Taylor will ever confirm or deny whether they're still friends, though all the signs seem to point to no. The two have not been spotted together for some time now and both seem to happy doing their own thing. Karlie recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Josh Kushner, while Taylor is out on the road her massive reputation tour. 

Now, if only Harry's hair was slicked back in this picture. Then he'd basically be the living embodiment of Taylor's Style lyrics. "You've got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt..."

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