Homeless Man Hands Out Resume On Street Corner, Gets Hundreds Of Job Offers

A homeless man in California didn't want to beg for money on the street corner so instead, he decided to hand out resumes, hoping to find a job in the heart of Silicon Valley. David Casarez made a sign that said: "Homeless Hungry 4 Success Take A Resume" and stood at a busy intersection in Mountain View, California. He told KTVU, "I was at that lowest point and when I did that sign. I was like, this has to work."

It worked out really well for Casarez. Jasmine Scofield, who works in the tech industry, drove by and took a photo of Casarez and shared it on Twitter. 

"He's at this make or break moment. It's hail mary for him. This is his last opportunity and he's going to shoot for it. And I saw that and I was like I need to help him."

The tweet went viral and was shared over 10,000 times. Casarez has been receiving job offers from some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. He has been in contact with hiring managers from Google, Apple, and Linkedin. He even had an offer from one of the companies to pay for a hotel room so he can have a roof over his head and a place to shower while he continues his search for a job. 

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