Lil' Kim Teases Possible Beyoncé Collaboration

Lil Kim Beyonce

New collab alert: The Queen Bee and Queen Bey in one song?? It could be happening! 

Lil' Kim opened up about the new music she's been working on as she prepares to release her fifth studio album, which will be her first album in 13 years following 2005's The Naked Truth, in a new radio interview. And she not only confirmed a song featuring Remy Ma, but also revealed that she would like to collaborate with Beyoncé.

Kim, whose new album is due out in November, said of Bey, "We've been showing each other love" and that she hopes to collaborate with the star, adding, "put it out there."

It's true that Kim and Bey have been showing each other love lately. Beyoncé even dressed up as Lil' Kim for Halloween this year, showcasing a number of the female rapper's looks from over the years. In a series of Instagram posts, Beyoncé posted shots of her costumes, followed by shots of Kim (some even side by side), and her looks were pretty spot on! JAY-Z even dressed up as Notorious B.I.G.

The Queen Bee loved Queen Bey's Halloween tribute to her, and wrote on Twitter, "I’m speechless and honored #beyonce #lilkim #TookUsABeak #queenbee."

No doubt a Lil' Kim and Beyoncé collaboration would be epic. The ball is in your court, Mrs. Carter!

Lil' Kim recently released her new song "Nasty One," which is the lead single off of her forthcoming, highly anticipated new album. In a recent interview with Billboard, she said of the LP:

"I think people are gonna be shocked. Even when they hear 'Nasty One,' they're gonna be shocked when they hear that whole song is me. When we got to the video shoot, my glam team was like, 'Oh is the other artist coming?' We were like 'What?' They’re like, 'Yeah the other artist on the song.' Then [my manager] was like 'That’s Kim,' and they’re like, 'Oh shoot! That's different!' And I like different."

Listen to Lil' Kim's "Nasty One" below.

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