Rich The Kid Posts Cryptic ‘R.I.P.’ Message After Slamming His Record Label

Rich The Kid sent his fans into hysterics when he shared a cryptic “R.I.P.” message to his Instagram on Monday (July 30). 

The “Plug Walk” rapper posted a text image that read "R.i.P. Rich the Kid 1992 - 2018,” and he captioned the post, “Thank u all my fans & family for everything 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.” Adding to the confusion, Rich then deleted all of his other Instagram posts. 

Fans were quick to express their concern, with many fearing the worst. However, some noted that the timing of the message seemed to confirm that the post was actually in reference to the 26-year-old rapper’s beef with his record label, 300 Entertainment. 

Just days before his cryptic Instagram message, Rich went on a rant about wanting to get out of his contract with 300. "F*ck 300 [Entertainment], y'all suck," Rich said in a since-deleted Instagram video last week. "Listen, y'all gotta let me out this da*n contract. I don't wanna be with y'all no f*ckin' more. I told y'all I get y'all this money back. I don't wanna be with y'all label no more. Y'all suck. Y'all is trash. Listen, young independent artists, do not sign with 300 Ent. They're the worst, worst label ever."

Some seemed to believe that Rich may have been hinting that he is retiring from the rap game. While others said they thought the “R.I.P.” message was about Rich planning to change his name. 

Rich has yet to elaborate on his confusing post. However, he did “like” a fan’s Tweet that characterized the stunt as an act of trolling.

Rich seems to have a thing for vague social media postings. Last month, the rapper shared a captionless image of him in a hospital bed with a neck brace. After much speculation, Rich later confirmed that he was a victim of a brutal home invasion.

Photo: Getty Images

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