Three People Steal Shark In Baby Stroller

Three people managed to steal a 16-inch horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium. Video surveillance footage shared by the aquarium on Facebook shows the two men and a woman grabbing the shark from the aquarium's tide pool exhibit. They used a net to capture the shark and took it to one of the aquarium's "filter rooms where they poured the bucket of bleach solution that employees used for the disinfection of tools into our cold water exhibit filtration system, causing harm to other wildlife." 

They put the stolen shark in a bucket and placed the bucket in a baby stroller and casually walked out of the aquarium. Security stopped the three individuals in the parking lot, but they would not allow them to search their car.

Police did manage to track down one of the suspects and found the shark unharmed in his possession. 

“There were different marine animals. (He) very much knew what he was doing and kept that animal alive, and was able to continue seeing that animal thrive, which was pretty shocking,” Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio told My San Antonio.

They arrested the 38-year-old man and charged him with theft between $750 and $2,500. They are still searching for his two accomplices. 

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