Three-Year-Old Girl Dies After Falling From Carnival Ride In Mexico

Jenessy "Sophia" Villalpando

A three-year-old girl died after she was ejected from her seat on an amusement park ride while on vacation in Mexico with her family. Jenessy Villalpando was sitting with her mom on the "Twister" when she fell out of her seat. A person on the ground tried to catch the young girl as she fell nearly 30 feet from the ride, but she hit the pavement and suffered "major trauma to the head and her brain was swollen," according to a GoFundMe page the family has set up

The toddler's aunt, Marlene Cuauhtenango, e-mailed the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier saying that local officials told the family the young girl "wasn’t buckled right" by the ride operator. 

“The mother and child were both on the ride. We don’t know exactly what went wrong. We were told my niece wasn’t buckled right. She was ejected/slipped from her seat.” 

The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital, but surgeons were unable to save her life. 

According to Fox News, officials discovered "several anomalies" during their investigation into the tragic accident. They found that the workers did not have permission to be running the ride, there was no supervision, and the operators ignored the requirement that riders must be at least ten years old.  

Photo: GoFundMe

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