Are the Dixie Chicks Recording an Album With Jack Antonoff?

It's been over a decade since the Dixie Chicks released their last album, Taking the Long Way, but it appears as though Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire may be gifting fans with new music sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday (July 31), Maines posted a series of exciting photos to Instagram. The first shows musician Emily Strayer's leg from the perspective of the floor. "We call this banjo calf," Maines writes before telling Strayer she's looking good. She also uses the telling hashtag "#dcx2018."  The next picture really indicates that the country superstars are working on new music. "Keeping the writing of every song in one notebook this go round, and keeping it old school with pen and paper," Maines writes alongside a photo of a journal, along with that same hashtag.

The third image is of a fiddle laying upon a decorated pillow on an orange couch captioned with nothing but the hashtag. 

The fourth is a picture taken from the floor that documents a person sitting in a chair with their feet arched. All we can see is from the waist down. It's captioned "Fiddle feet" with that same hashtag as the others. The last image is perhaps the most interesting. We see Jack Antonoff focusing intently on playing the fiddle perched under his chin. Maines captioned that one "Fiddle face" while mentioning the Bleachers singer and, you guessed it, including the same hashtag as the other posts.

Does this mean the country superstars are working on new music with the indie pop guru? Because it sure seems like it. The collaboration would make sense considering the trio's foray into pop and alt-country. We'll just have to wait (eagerly) and see.

Take a look at the posts below.

Photo: Getty Images

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