Arizona School District Building Homes For Teachers

A school district in Vail, Arizona is trying to recruit new teachers by offering them affordable housing near the school they teach in. According to Fox News, many teachers are unable to afford the cost of buying a new house, and there are no apartments for rent in the area. The average home in the district is worth $258,000 and the rent can cost upwards of $1,200 per month, making it tough for teachers to get by with salaries between $38,000 and $46,000 per year. Many teachers have no choice but to find a place in cities like Tuscon, where rent can be half the cost. 

To combat the problem, the district is planning to build around two dozen homes on a five-acre plot of district-owned land. The homes will be available to teachers and staff for $125 per month, which includes utilities and internet service. Teachers will also have the ability to purchase the home but will either have to sell it or pack it up and move it if they decide to leave their job in the district. 

Photo: Getty Images


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