Death Cab For Cutie Share Crisp New Single 'Autumn Love'

On Wednesday (August 1), Death Cab for Cutie revealed the third single off their upcoming album, Thank You for Today.

"Autumn Love" is as crisp as its namesake season. The mid-tempo track sees singer Ben Gibbard yearning for more as he sings "And if I capsize it’s alright/ ‘Cause I’ve been feeling too invincible/ I need to know depths deeper than the deepest of connections" before getting into the buoyant "oh, oh, oh" led chorus where he admits "This autumn love is not enough."

DCFC released a mesmerizing lyric video to accompany "Autumn Love" that features the wooded landscapes of the band's native Pacific Northwest drenched in the golden hues of Autumn.

Watch the video below.

Last month, the band shared the album's second single, the hazy "I Dreamt We Spoke Again," and in June dropped its lead off single "Gold Rush," a song Gibbard describes as a response to his city's rapid change.

"I've had this realization only recently that so many of my memories are tied to my geography," he explains. "And when that geography changes, it's as if you're not only coming to terms with the passage of time, but it's as if you're losing those people and that time in your life all over again. Cities are in constant flux, and I’m not claiming victimhood in this, but the speed at which Seattle is changing, and people of color and creative communities are being pushed out, is alarming." 

Thank You For Today is slated for an August 17 release via Atlantic Records.

Photo: Getty Images

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