Apple Becomes The First Trillion Dollar Company In The United States

Apple has become the first U.S. company in history to have a market cap of one trillion dollars. The company's stock reached a high of $207.05 per share before falling back down under the $207 mark in midday trading. Apple currently has an outstanding share count of 4,829,926,000 shares and when the stock went over 207, the company hit the trillion dollar mark. 

"I think it just speaks to just how powerful the Apple ecosystem has become over the last few decades," GBH Insights analyst Dan Ives told CNBC. "This is not the end, that they hit $1 trillion. I view this as just kind of speaking to a new a stage of growth and profitability."

According to CNET, Apple's trillion dollar market share makes the company worth more than "all but the 15 richest countries in the world."

Apple is the first U.S company to hit the trillion dollar mark, but not the first ever. PetroChina managed the feat back in 2007 when it entered into the trillion dollar territory for a short period of time. 

Amazon is not far behind Apple and could reach $1 trillion in market share in the near future. In July, Amazon's market share topped $900 billion.

Photo: Getty Images

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