Harvey Weinstein Wants Rape Charges Dismissed

Harvey Weinstein

Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is trying to have the rape charges against him dismissed. According to TMZ, he claims to have 40 emails that show one of his accusers was not a victim and that the sex they had was consensual. His legal team is arguing that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office knew about the emails, but never presented them to the grand jury that indicted Weinstein. 

Weinstein did not use his personal email to communicate with the woman. Instead, he used an official email account with The Weinstein Company, which he lost access to when he was fired. A bankruptcy judge in Deleware ruled that his legal team could have access to the emails but barred them from disseminating them. Weinstein's lawyers filed an emergency order to allow them to use the emails as evidence to get the case thrown out of court.

Even if Weinstein is successful in getting the rape charges dismissed, he is still facing charges for allegedly raping two other women. 

Photo: Getty Images

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