MTA Announces Five Month N Train Tunnel Closure In A Tweet

The easiest way to make a New Yorker angry, close down a Subway without any warning! That's what was getting these New Yorkers pissed during rush hour on July 30th. The worst part of it all? They announced a five-month construction project over TWITTER. 

After receiving a tweet about the rush hour construction the MTA Twitter account responded saying "Good morning. This work started this morning and is expected to be completed sometime in Dec 2018. ^JP." Sorry but did you seriously start a five-month project without any warning to commuters. One Twitter user replied, "How do you just announce that the morning of amongst all the delays???? This should have been posted and reported. I hope someone starts a class action lawsuit against you clowns for withholding information and purposely causing turmoil in commuters everyday lives." 

People are more upset that the MTA didn't disclose this information before starting such a huge project. Another Twitter user wrote, "Fine! Work on making trains better - Please! But HOW ABOUT A LITTLE TRANSPARENCY?!?!" 

July 30th the D, N and R lines were experiencing massive delays but the MTA's site status on the train lines read "Good Service." Well good service it definitely wasn't and commuters suspected that something else was wrong with the lines. Something seemed extremely off when commuters noticed a legit giant blue wall constructed over the N line at 59th street. 

Turns out that the blue wall had been built over the weekend for a previously announced repair on the N line. It turns out however that those “necessary structural repairs” from 59th to 36 Streets would not last for just one weekend, but for five months.

“We had issues and challenges coordinating internally and the planned change was not properly communicated to our customers,” NYC Transit Chief Customer Officer Sarah Meyer said in a statement to Metro. The MTA’s website and app now reflect the changes to N service saying, “We deeply apologize for our significant errors today and know that we need to do better. We are working through our policies and procedures to ensure this does not happen again.”

The work in the tunnel should only result in small service changes for the rest of the repairs including the addition of two stops at 45th and 53rd street for the N train riders. However the blue wall will remain with us until the holiday season... 

Photo: Getty

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