Police Searching For 12-Year-Old Girl Who Went Missing From Reagan Airport

Virginia police are desperately searching for a 12-year-old girl from China who went missing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia. Authorities issued an Amber Alert after JinJing Ma was seen leaving the airport with an unidentified Asian woman.

The woman met the young girl and separated her from her group, which had just arrived from China. The woman helped her change clothes and then the two disappeared into the airport. 

"She met up with an unknown, Asian female, who assisted the 12-year-old with changing clothes. The two then walked together to the "Arrivals" area of the airport, eventually disappearing from the camera view.

Police said Ma is 4'11" and weighs 90 lbs. She was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black jacket. They described the woman who took her as an Asian female with black hair who is approximately 40 years old and was last seen wearing a black dress.

Anyone with details is advised to call 911 or the Metro Washington Airport Authority Police at (703) 417-2400.

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