Dozens Of Goats Descend On Boise Neighborhood, Eat Everything In Sight

Residents of a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho woke up to an odd sight on Friday morning - over one hundred goats wandering the streets, going yard to yard eating everything they could find. Puzzled citizens weren't sure what to do and animal control was not prepared to wrangle that many goats, showing up with just one truck.

The goats were being used by We Rent Goats, a company that uses herds of the animal to help eliminate weeds, to clear a nearby drainage ditch overnight. At some point, the goats managed to escape the fenced-in area and found their way to a massive buffet of gardens and flower beds that lined the street.

The company arrived shortly after animal control and put the goats into their trucks to take them home. 

Videos shared on Twitter captured the goats wandering around the street, enjoying their breakfast of flowers and grass.

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