Drake's "In My Feelings" Video Is a Hilarious Homage to the Dance Challenge

After Instagram comic Shiggy started the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge earlier this summer, Drake had to be feeling some extra pressure when making the video for the Scorpion hit. Thankfully, he delivered. And then some.

The clip runs nearly eight minutes, and all of it is cinematic gold. It begins with the hip-hop star throwing rocks at Kiki's window in an attempt to get her attention. She's not impressed, and neither is her mother, but Drake invites her out the next night regardless.

The video then cuts to flashes of professional dancers showing off their best challenge moves, including Shiggy himself. Drake's wearing a grill. Kiki show up. It's so good.

But the best part of the visuals comes after the song is over. Drake wakes up in a trailer and tells his friend he had a crazy dream where he wrote a song about a girl, and he was from New Orleans with a grill in his mouth. His description of Shiggy and the challenge is the best. "This kid from New York that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to [the song], then the world did the dance and Will Smith was there," Drake explains, confused. "Nobody would stop. It was terrible."

Shiggy makes another appearance as a pesky PA, and Drake's eyes widen when he sees him. We just hope Shiggy got paid this time.

While the credits roll, Drake pays even more tribute to the dance challenge by showcasing some of his favorite participants, including Will Smith, Ciara, DJ Khaled, Steve Aoki, BTS' J-Hope and Drake's BFF Millie Bobby Brown.

Watch the hilarious star-studded video below.

Photo: YouTube

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