Khloe Kardashian On Mom Shaming: It Drives Me Crazy

Khloé Kardashian welcomed her daughter, True Thompson, less than four months ago, but she's already been subjected to a ton of mom-shaming. Just a few days ago, Khloé was shamed for attending a charity event to help raise funds for cancer research. "Mommy shamers r at a high right now. I’m sick, at a charity event & I’m getting slack 4being here bc I have a baby?" she shared on Twitter. "Her dad is watching her while I’m trying 2bring awareness 2an amazing organization. But either way, what’s wrong w a new mom letting daddy take over 4a few hours?"

During an interview with E!, Khloe opened up about what it's like to be subjected to mom-shaming online. She said she even gets criticized for working out now. "My baby is asleep. The monitor is with me. But even if it's not, do you think I'm leaving my child alone?" Khloé said. "It just drives me crazy. I don't know why they're passing judgement."

One of the reasons it drives Khloé crazy is because moms have to work, too, and it's worth pointing out that new days aren't subjected to the same criticism. She's just trying to support her family and she doesn't "know what people want us to do now that we have kids. Just stay home? Forever?"

Khloé also spoke about experiencing mom guilt when she does have to leave baby True at home. "It's horrible, it's a real, real thing," she said. "I used to make so much fun of Kourtney and Kim, like, 'oh my god, hush up, really? It's one night!' I would always say that." Now with a daughter of her own, though, Khloé has a whole new perspective. She admits that while it's hard for her to leave True, her daughter probably doesn't even know the difference. "She's great, like I said, its me." 

Luckily Khloé is surrounded by many other working moms, like her sisters and pal Chrissy Teigen, who she can turn to when the mom-shaming gets to be too much. Maybe Chrissy can give Khloé some pointers on how to hilariously clap back at the haters - she is the expert, after all. 

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