Irish National Facing Deportation After Streaking During Baseball Game

An Irish national who is living in Canada is facing deportation after he was arrested in Seattle when he stripped down to his birthday suit and ran onto the field during a game between the Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday, August 4th. The man reportedly decided to streak so he could win an $80 bet he made with his friends. 

Video shared on Twitter captured the fully naked man running across the outfield while four security guards attempted to chase him down. The crowd was cheering for the streaker as he evaded security, running from rightfield to centerfield where he was finally tackled. Security guards covered him with towels and escorted him off the field.

According to local sports reporter Hazel Mae, the streaker remains in custody with the King County Sheriff’s office and is in serious legal trouble, and could face deportation for his actions.

His friends told a sports reporter for the Blue Jays after the game that they were planning to start a GoFundMe to bail him out and cover his legal fees.

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