Police Searching For Teenager Who Robbed Nine-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Police in North Carolina are searching for a teenager who they say pulled out a gun and robbed a nine-year-old who was selling lemonade. The young boy was set up near a traffic roundabout in Monroe, which sits about 30 miles southeast of Charlotte when a teenager approached and pushed a gun to his stomach and demanded his lockbox of cash. The terrified boy handed over his money as the teenager fled on foot. 

Officers found a camouflage hat, a black BB handgun and the stolen lockbox discarded in the woods not far from the roundabout where the boy was selling lemonade. They believe the teen stashed a bicycle nearby and used it to get away. 

Police are hoping to find fingerprints or DNA on the stolen lockbox that will lead them to the suspect.

The robbery didn't seem to impact the nine-year-old as he went back to work on Sunday selling his organic lemonade near the neighborhood pool. 

Photo: Getty Images

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