Seattle Police Lip Sync Macklemore's 'Downtown,' Win #LipSyncChallenge


The #LipSyncChallenge has taken over police departments across the country, but the Seattle Police Department stole the show. After being challenged by the Norfolk Police Department, who performed an epic take on Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" on their lunch break, Seattle cops raised the bar with their lip sync video. They performed Macklemore's "Downtown" all across their city, which is so fitting because Macklemore is from Seattle himself. 

From the top of the Space Needle to Safeco Field, Seattle P.D. really took the viral challenge to next level. They have shots of officers popping wheelies on bicycles, as well as riding police segways down the middle of street. They enlisted help from Seattle citizens, as well, showing the officers and large swaths of Seattleites dancing around together. Even Harry the Husky, the mascot for the University of Washington, made an appearance in the video. 

It's no surprise that Seattle P.D.'s #LipSyncChallenge ranked number one out of all the police departments that contributed to the widespread, viral challenge. Norfolk P.D. came in at number ten with their rendition of "Uptown Funk," while San Francisco, South Lake, Texas, Hampton, Virginia, and Columbus, Indiana rounded out the top five. You can see the full list here



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