Caitlyn Jenner Addresses Relationship With Sophia Hutchins

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins have been rumored to be in a relationship, and from the looks of both women's Instagram feeds, those who think they're romantically involved have good reason. They're together a lot. Now, that could be because the 21-year-old is the executive director of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation. But it could be more than that, too.

During a recent interview with Variety for their latest issue, which is focused on trans representation in media, the reality star got candid about her life and career since transitioning, as well as her current attempt to stay out of the spotlight.

"I don't do a lot of media. I don't want to be seen everywhere. Today, I'm very politically involved. Nobody really knows it. I do it very quietly because I have been so criticized by the liberal side of the media," Jenner explained. "I can get more things done if I don't stick my nose into everything publicly. I like going to Washington, D.C., doing what I do, but doing it quietly."

Speaking of staying quiet, that's exactly what the 68-year-old did when asked about her relationship with Hutchins, who's also trans. "We are not going to get into that," she stated. "But we are very close. We do a lot of things together. We're kind of inseparable. We're the best of friends."

Though Jenner is staying mum about her relationship status, she recently fueled speculation when she took her young BFF as her date to the ESPYs. "Sophia and I off to the ESPY’s. Bringing back old memories of my first public outing. Life is good!" she captioned a photo of the two gearing up for the big event. Check out the post below and read the full Variety interview here.

Photo: Getty Images

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