Kenny Chesney Opens Up About the Story Behind "Better Boat"

Kenny Chesney recently released his latest album, Songs For The Saints, and now the country star is opening up about one of the record's many special tracks, "Better Boat."

"At its core, 'Better Boat' is dealing with this inner struggle with ourselves that we all have, and trying to find a certain peace within ourselves, about ourselves," he explains in a recently uploaded video. "It's a song about self-evaluation and trying to be, just, better. We all go through things in our lives—some we're proud of, some we're not so proud of. I think it's about growing up, it's about moving forward."

Though Chesney didn't write the song, he feels the human element in it and, like the other songs on the album, relates it to the tragic Hurricanes Irma and Maria that devastated his home in the Virgin Islands, which sparked the inspiration for his latest collection of songs.

"If there's one emotion...this song talks about the helplessness of all of it," he admits, "and how you just have to put it in God's hands and it's going to come out like it comes out."

The 50-year-old recruited Mindy Smith for this track and thinks she was the perfect addition.

"She brings calm," he states. "She brings a sense that it's all gonna be all right, that everything's okay, to me. When I hear her voice, it's like an angel. Her voice is so genreless. It's bigger than all of us, I think. As I believe this moment is."

Watch the full story behind the song below.

Photo: Getty Images

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