Goats Caught On New York City Subway Tracks Causing Delays

Another day, another weird commute for New Yorkers riding with delays. The reason this time? A couple of baaaaaaad boys.... 

Monday, subway officials were shocked when the found a pair of goats wandering on the subway tracks in Brooklyn. The animals were walking on the N line tracks for about two hours before New York City police were able to remove them (safely). 

"A new one for us (we think): Two goats are roaming along the N line tracks in Brooklyn. They’re safe and not currently affecting service, but they are on the run. We’ll keep you posted," tweeted the MTA.

The N train was already running with delays because of a switch problem that occurred earlier in the morning. MTA had to move southbound N trains to the D line while the NYPD worked to get the goats away from the tracks. 

Photo: Getty 

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