How To Celebrate Your Birthday as a Twenty-Something in New York

In two weeks I turn 25. Woah, first time I said that out loud.... After three years of living in New York City I finally figured out who my friends are, where the hot spots to go out are (and it's not in the Meatpacking District), and I have my career kinda sorta figured out. Well in two weeks I turn the big 2-5 and those of you passed that and are laughing right now, I'm sorry but to me it's a big deal. 

The only problem is I have no idea what to do for my birthday. It used to be easy when I was turning 21 or 22, everyone just wanted to go to pre-game and go to the bars. Now that I'm a little older, my friends still want to do that but a night drinking, with a twist, is much more fun. What do I mean? Having a day drink or a night drink with some kind of gimmick seems to be the trend right now. Whether it's brewery hopping in Queens, or doing adult laser tag, we all still want to go out and party but with an activity to do. 

Well if you are a virgo and NEED TO PLAN like I do, don't worry, I did all the research for you. Here are some fun things in the New York area I found that could lead to a fun birthday for a twenty-something or even a thirty-something or even at any age. 

1. The Wineries

One of my favorite memories so far in adult life is renting a party bus with my friends and heading to the wineries on Long Island. If you plan out the wineries yourself and get all your friends to chip in for the bus it can actually be a pretty reasonably priced day. I haven't done too much research on this one yet because my birthday seems too close to actually have this as an option but my big suggestion is to make sure your party bus is a REAL party bus. I'm talking pole in the middle, an aux cord available etc. This is NECESSARY! 

2. Adult Laser Tag  

I did this last year for my little sisters birthday (she was turning 19) and it was SO MUCH FUN! There are two places I found in my research that could help with this party. One of which is literally catered for people over 21 and that is Bowlmor (Chelsea Piers location only). Getting your friends drinking and playing a game like laser tag is a major #tbt birthday party and it is so much fun. Since the location is in a pretty cool area of New York you can even do this during the day and then bar hop in the area. Or take this to the night (the location closes at midnight) and make it a pre-game to go out afterwards. Either way you get some exercise in AND you get your drink on. 

3. Brewery Tour 

Astoria, Queens seems to be the up and coming area right now. Why? Maybe because of the breweries and micro-breweries in the area. You can start at Big aLICe Brewery, then make your way to some of the other spots like LIC Beer Project and Transmitter Brewing. This is definitely something you can do for a nice Saturday or Sunday day. 

4. Dinner Party 

Who doesn't love dinner amiright?! But no-one loves to pay big bucks for it. So there's a few places I found in my dinner party research that could be good to get your drink on, eat on, and live music because WHY NOT?! 


For a fixed price you get unlimited wine for the evening and course after course of good Italian food. Plus the ambiance is just incredible with musicians coming into the room, encouraging you to get up on your chairs and wave your napkin in the air.

Mad Dog and Beans  

Two locations in the city, Midtown and Financial District and is perfect for a big group dinner party. This Mexican restaurant has live music and great drink deals during the week if you're stuck with that Monday night birthday this year. 


If you want good pizza in the heart of Brooklyn this is definitely the place. Get a few pies and pitchers and sit outside with your friends and then you can use this as a starting point for bar hopping that night! 

Well that's all I have for you today folks. Even though I still have no idea what to do for my birthday hopefully my past experiences can help you plan yours! Xoxo 

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