Who's The Better Rider Alum: Garrett or Jake The Producer?

After feuding for years over who the better Rider alum really is, Garrett and Jake The Producer finally got their answer.

Just your typical beautiful day on the Rider University campus. Thanks to Rider, we were able to determine once and for all who is the better Rider alum: Garrett or Jake. How will we decide who earns the prestigious title? A decathlon of course! 

After agreeing to a no cheating policy, Garrett and Jake took to the classrooms. First round: solving a math equation. Garrett got the point this round after Jake found the answer to be "Garrett sucks." Next, we took to the science labs. Jake took this win easily, leaving the score tied 1-1.

What better way to test two guys working in radio than with a music competition. With Garrett on the recorder and Jake on the guitar, it's pretty clear in the video above who won that round. Garrett almost had us with his addition of the maraca, but Jake still made it clear his guitar skills were no match to Garrett's.

Now the score 2-1, in favor of Jake, the guys took to sports at The Rider University Schimek Family Fitness Center. This facility is dedicated for the recreational use of Rider students, graduate students, faculty, staff, affiliates, alumni and the community. For today... it was used to determine once and for all who is the better Rider alum. After a fierce game of basketball, Garrett won a game on the buzzer beater. However this brings the score back to a tie. The ultimate decision came from a run on the amazing indoor track the fitness center has.

Will Garrett break the tie, or will it be Jake?! Watch the video above to see who gets to claim the title!

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