Instagram Handles For The Women On Colton's Season Of The Bachelor

Monday's are finally back to being the best day of the week. The Bachelor premiered last night at 8/7c on ABC and we are ready to do fall in love with Colton Underwood. As this season's eligible bachelor, Colton isn't exactly a stranger... We've gotten to know him over this past season of Bachelor in Paradise and on Becca's season of The Bachelorette. We also know Colton as a former NFL player, and he dated olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. But what really makes The Bachelor series really interesting? The ladies they get to compete for the his heart. 

This season we were gifted with an excellent group of women: speech mythologist, dancers, content creators and one who has never been kissed! The best part of the premiere is heading over to Instagram to follow your favorites and find out who will be selling you Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins in 2019! 

Here is the list of the women about to start the most dramatic journey of their lives: 

1. Sydney: @sydneylotuaco

2.  Nina: @nina.bartula

3. Hannah: @hannahg11 (First Impression Rose) 

4. Revian: @rev_yo_engine

5. Onyeka: @onyekahie  

6. Katie: @katieemo

7. Erika: @enuttss

8. Nicole: @nicolelovar  

9. Caelynn: @caelynnmillerkeyes (First Kiss of the Night) 

10. Elyse: @elysemichelle_mua

11. Alex: @alexblumberg  

12. Hannah: @hannahann_sluss

13. Annie: @annie_reardon 

14. Tracy: @tshapoff 

15. Cassie: @cassierandolph (Jimmy Kimmel's Favorite To Win) 

16. Demi: @demi_not_lovato

17. Catherine: @missagro  

18. Courtney: @thecourtneyc

19. Brianna:  @bri_ashbarnes 

20. Laura: @lalaalauraaa

21. Devin: @devingooden 

22. Tayshia: @tayshiaaa

23. Kirpa: @kirpasudick 

Photo: Getty

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