St. Mark's Comics Will Close After 36 Years In The East Village

The famous St. Mark's Comics, a staple of St. Mark's Place in the East Village for over 36 years, has announced Tuesday, January 29th, that it will be closing at the end of February. In a statement shared on their Twitter the comic book store states, " Thanks for your patience. We were trying to get this out earlier, but we got some things going on... Yes. After 36 years of being privileged to serve # NewYork , St. Mark's Comics is closing at the end of February...." They continue to say, "We will be starting our store-emptying #sale [Wednesday] morning @ 11AM."

They then link to their Facebook account which led to a longer message of the store closing it's doors. Store owner, Mitch Cutler, explains why they are closing now saying: "There are lots of obstacles to running a retail storefront in NYC; too many of them at once to fight, and after 36 pretty intense years, not enough left to fight them."

"We'll see you soon to say goodbye and share a good memory," he added. "Let's make this month a wake, not a funeral."

This will be a sad loss for New Yorkers. The store is covered with comic books, toys and other special collector items.

Many fans of the store posted on Twitter expressing their sadness over the loss of this East Village staple. One user saying , " this is the place where i fell in love with comics. this blows."

As the store empties out you can head there now to celebrate the 36 years they had and shop!

Photo: Yelp

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