The Bachelor Front Runner Cassie Is On Another Reality Show Airing Now

The Bachelor is the journey to an engagement that everyone tunes in Monday to watch and this season with as our bachelor is no different. However now with social media we are able to dig into the pasts of the contestants ourselves. Well this investigation didn't take long because Cassie the frontrunner this season is actually on another reality TV show that stopped filming two weeks before she went on The Bachelor. The craziest part? It's with her on again/off again boyfriend of 5 YEARS!

The show Young Once is currently airing it's second season. The show is a docuseries that follows a group of young Christians from Southern California that are attending Biola University, a Christian school that bans sex and alcohol for their students. Does Biola sound familiar? Well turns out Cassie attended the school at the same time with "never been kissed" contestant Heather . Weird that that hasn't come up this season yet right?

Cassie has been on the show for both of it's seasons with her ex and it's airing now... The timing is a little shady no? Last night's episode showed Cassie's first one-on-one with Colton and the two definitely have hit it off. Cassie was also chosen as Jimmy Kimmel's final rose pick and he's never wrong. The California girl is seen as a frontrunner in many eyes and a fan favorite, but will this news change everything?

For more things The Bachelor listen to The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast . This week's episode feature's Jade and Tanner who just announced they are expecting their second child in August.

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