Watch Ryan Seacrest And Kelly Ripa Reenact Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga


Is there anything better than that A Star Is Born movie trailer that got EVERYONE and their mother's to go see the movie in theaters? No? Well maybe this rendition of the trailer by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest will one up it. A Show Is Born, as the Live cast is putting it when they used a reenactment of the Star Is Born trailer to promote their LIVE after the Oscar's show this Monday, February 25th.

Ripa gives a phenomenal performance in the promotion. Her voice in the trailer almost sounds identical to that of the original cast member, Lady Gaga. LOL but actually Ripa and Seacrest's after Oscar's show is surely one not to miss. ABC always delivers with The Oscar's and after the amazing show to air live Sunday, February 24th, we will not be able to miss the one of a kind Live with Kelly and Ryan after. We truly can't wait for the show!

Photo: Getty


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