Tinder Creates "Spring Break Mode" To Connect College Students Before Vacay

Need to find a date for Spring Break? Tinder is debuting a new feature just for college users before everyone heads to Spring Break in the upcoming month.

The app's "Spring Break Mode" will let it's users swipe based off of specific locations ahead of time. It will prioritize users who go to the same school and have the same Spring Break destination. The feature will only be available to college-aged Tinder U users looking to swipe in popular Spring Break destinations like Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Miami, and others according to The Verge.

Tinder's chief marketing officer, Jenny Campbell, says she found the inspiration for this new feature by seeing a rise in popularity for various locations seen on the app before Spring Break.

"Spring Break, like Tinder, is a staple for many college students across the country," Campbell said. "We've historically seen huge upticks in Tinder usage during Spring Break in these destinations, and we are excited to give users the unique experience to connect before they pack their bags."

The app will begin the new mode on March 4th, which will be free for users that qualify.

Photo: Getty

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