The NYAAIF & iHeart Donate 25K To Opioid Addiction Prevention!

The New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud and iHeartMedia have teamed up to donate $25,000 dollars to charities that are aiding in the fight against the opioid crisis.

A few of the Charities involved were present to accept the check and spoke on behalf of their respective organization

Christopher’s Reason-

“These prescriptions at some point related to school injuries we’ve seen individuals as young as 14th spiral out of control being prescribed these oxycontins and generating out into the streets and getting involved in the street formulated opioids”

Drug Crisis in our Backyard-

“We started this in 2012 after our son died of a heroin overdose, to bring awareness to the rapid use of heroin & opioids in our community”


“We do a lot of functions in the prevention realm of the opined epidemic”

Thomas Hope Foundation / Save the Michaels of the World-

“next week my family will acknowledge the 7th anniversary of my sons death at the age of 21, addiction does not start in a day and sure does not end with a 3 day detox, there needs to be a wrap around plan, we don’t get a do-over, ill stand in a gap for anyone struggling with this”

Check out some of the pictures from the event below...


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