Google Maps Shows Hoboken Man Falling Down His Apartment Steps

725 Willow Ave - Hoboken, New Jersey. Sounds like a pretty average apartment address in Hoboken yes? Well the address has now made a name for itself as being a spot on Google Maps (street view) that shows a man falling down the apartment's stairs.

Most people that experience a fall can wipe off the dirt and continue on their day. If they tell the tale it's to colleagues at the water cooler or family members you can laugh about it with later. This poor guy has GOOGLE EVIDENCE of his fall and now it's gone viral!

You can even move from right to left on street view to see a before and after fall pic... See below!

How can you see this for yourself? Go to Google Maps and type in 725 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ. Click "Street View" when you get there. Then use the arrows to go right and left and see the fall for yourself.

Poor guy...

Photo: Google Maps

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