Dean Lewis Thinks Shawn Mendes Is "Amazing" & Would Love To Write With Him

It's not everyday we give you the reigns to ask an artist anything you want. Well today is not like other days and Dean Lewis is not just any artist. The singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia is here in the U.S. out promoting his new song: Be Alright and his debut album A Place We Knew. Lewis came by the Z100 studios ready to play and answer fan questions for all of you.

The Waves singer, admits to thinking Shawn Mendes is amazing. When asked if he would ever collaborate with the artist he said, "I would love to... I would love to write songs with Shawn, that would be great. He's amazing, I'm a big fan."

That's not all Lewis admitted to in this fan question interview. He also shouts out Oasis and Bruce Springsteen for being his music inspirations as well as some insights to his music. Lewis reveals that the hardest song he's ever written was the song Straight Back Down, just because it took the longest to produce and "get right." Then when asked what is the most meaningful lyric he's ever written he explained his song Half A Man where he wrote the words: "how am I supposed to love you, when I don't know who I am?" He tells us that he searched the lyrics up on Google just to make sure they haven't written before. He was shocked when he couldn't find them anywhere.

Of course there was one recurring question on Twitter and Instagram that kept coming up.... Is Dean Lewis single?! Well everyone, you will be happy to know he IS single but did have a relationship "for a longtime during Waves," but he's single now.

All this and more in the video below! Watch and learn Lewis fans.....

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