Elvis Duran Show Gets Exclusive Look At The Kartrite Resort Before It Opens

10:30am Friday March 29th, Skeery, Brody, Greg T, Sam, Gandhi, Garrett and Scotty B hit the road to venture up to the Catskills for a weekend getaway. Little did they know it was a trip that would be filled with laser tag, delicious food, gambling, an indoor never before used water park and a whole lot of fun.

We arrived at Resorts World, the casino we would be staying at for the weekend and immediately hit the slots. After losing some and winning most we had the most amazing steak dinner at Cellaio.

After we stuffed our faces we hit the casino once again out to prove we have (some) skills there. Brody taught Sam how to win at the slots and Skeery went on a mission to sing his heart out in Karaoke.

Even though we were out late nothing and I mean NOTHING was stopping us from driving over to The Kartrite Resort for Saturday. We got an exclusive look at the spot with it’s humongous suites and indoor water park. We played games on games immersing ourselves in virtual reality and laser tag. Garret came out a true MVP of the game hitting the high score of 5,300... mostly from cornering Greg T somewhere in the course and shooting him non-stop for 20 minutes!

After christening the laser tag and virtual reality games we were the first people ever to enjoy lunch and mini bowling at The Kartrite. There was so much delicious food I honestly thought there was no way we could have room for the dinner we were going to have there in just a few hours.

Well.... who am I kidding, of course we would have room for the 4 course meal served to us. Especially after spending the afternoon running around a never-before-touched indoor water park. There were slides on slides water sprinkling from all around us. It was honestly nothing like I have ever seen. The place completely transforms itself an outdoor space that you forget you’re even inside to begin with.

But now... back to the food. We were served a 4-course perfect meal acting as taste testers for The Kartrite’s future menu and let me tell you.... I will be dreaming about this meal until the next time I get back to the Catskills.

After being put into a food coma that would surely last till 2020, we journeyed back to Resorts World where we had a VIP experience learning how to play the games in the casino. After losing all of our practice money it was time to give away a car.... Yes you read that correctly. We all got up onstage to help Resorts World giveaway a car to one of their lucky visitors at the resort.

And if you thought that was a great way to end the trip.... shortly after we were brought up to the PENTHOUSE SUITE at the resort where we found heated toilet seats, a TV that appeared as if from nowhere and a dining room that could fit our entire show for a meal.

The entire weekend is one we will never forget and you can be sure to see us back at The Kartrite when it officially opens April 19, 2019.

You can see more of our fabulous weekend by checking out the hashtag #ElvisCatskillsWeekend on your social media!

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