Watch This Incredible Cover Of Lewis Capaldi's 'Someone You Loved'

Lewis Capaldi is the Scottish singer you never saw coming. His witty humor and soulful voice has taken the world by storm. His song Someone You Loved has become an instant jam especially after a cover by the Jonas Brothers was released a few months ago.

Most recently, singer Nicolette Arpaio featuring the band When All Else Fails did a cover of the hit song. The heavy rock band from New York City has joined with independent artist Arpaio. The last time we saw When All Else Fails playing was across the Northeast performing at shows with their debut EP "Stepping Stones." The members of the band, James Kenny (guitars), Matt Skjeie (guitars), and James Aquafredda (drums) are happy to be back and releasing a new cover for their fans.

Their performance of Someone You Loved brings a whole new life to the song. Listen above and check them out on Instagram here.

Photo: Getty

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