Dua Lipa Receives Award For Most Played Song On Z100

Pop sensation, Grammy winning, Dua Lipa has some of the most recognizable songs in the industry. Her hit song 'New Rules' in particular was loved by New York's #1 Hit Music Station: Z100.

Dua Lipa recently broke the radio station's record for most played song for 'New Rules.' The song released in July 2017, was brought onto us with the most iconic music video. New Rules' was written by Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren and its producer Ian Kirkpatrick during a writing camp for English girl band Little Mix.

For 20 years Z100's most played son of all time was Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls which came out in 1998. 19 years later on August 23rd 2017, Z100 played New Rules by Dua Lipa for the first time. After less than a year the song rose into the top five of Z100 New York's most played songs of all-time. Now it has surpassed all previous record holders. As of today, New Rules has 225 million an audience just on Z100 airplay and 5,624 spins all in just over a year's time.

"When I first put this song out I never thought something like this would happen," Dua tells Mark Medina, programming director at Z100, "I'm super super grateful and thankful for everything this song has really brought into my life and you guys were supporting me from the very beginning."

Watch Dua accept the award inside the Z100 studios above.

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