The Hidden Meaning Behind Love And Forty's Names From 'You' Season 2

With the announcement of You season 3 today by Netflix, I had to go back and re-analyze everything You season 2, because I binge watched it in 2 days. Now that I have had a breath, I can really focus on the important facts that came out of last season... Love, (Victoria Pedretti) and Forty's (James Scully) names.

At first it seemed obvious. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, is obsessed with love, the idea of love, falling in and out of love, what an amazing tie in to have the new girl he's obsessing over be named after it. Then when Forty, Love's brother was introduced to us you may have thought... ok they're rich kids from L.A. their names are just weird.... However there is actually a different meaning behind the names. They're both terms used to score a tennis match.

The game of tennis is scored differently than most other sports. "Love" is a term for "zero." When a game begins it starts at love-love. Then it goes from love, 15, 30 and then, 40.

On twitter user writes, "So did anyone else realize the Forty and Love were named after tennis scores and one of the first scenes you see them in together IS THEM PLAYING TENNIS??? #YouSeasonTwo."

The second season ofYou premiered on Netflix back on December 26 and we were left only wanting more.

"New Year, New (season of) You (is officially in the works!)," Netflix tweeted on Tuesday (January 14). You's own Twitter account also shared the news with a more eerie caption. "See you soon, neighbor," they wrote. "YOU S3 is coming."

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