Awkwafina Is The New Voice Of The '7' Train In NYC

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Golden Globes winner, Awkwafina is the new (temporary) voice for the 7 train, running from Queens to Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The Queens native is taking over the subway as a promotional partnership for her new series, "Nora From Queens,"

Nora will be taking over from Thursday, January 16th through Wednesday January 22nd. Besides telling people over the subway speakers the regular subway announcements like what train you can transfer to and the announcement of the stop you are at, Awkwafina is also adding a twist of sarcastic comments like a recording of her when you get to Times Square saying, "This is Times Square—42nd Street—where New Yorkers go to relax!”

Make sure you head to the 7 train today to have a listen! And be sure to check out her new show on Comedy Central premiering tonight January 22nd.

Photo: Getty

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