NYC's 'The Spotted Pig' Officially Closed After Sexual Misconduct

The Spotted Pig, a once beloved West Village tavern, has officially closed.

Rumors about the restaurant's closing had been circulating for weeks, but were not officially confirmed until yesterday via Instagram by a former employee.

The tavern opened in 2004 and received high praise for its food and celebrity investors, like Jay-Z. Its unique atmosphere made it a popular late-night hangout spot for locals and visitors.

There's no surprise the tavern didn't remain open, the restaurant had been embroiled in controversy for a few years after allegations of sexual abuse and harassment arose, causing loyal customers to boycott.

Earlier this month, former owner, Ken Friedman, agreed to settle claims and pay 11 former employees $240,000 until 2030. Many employees have said that they referred to an area of the restaurant as the "rape room," where they feared for their safety.

The tavern served its last meal on Sunday, January 26, 2020. 

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