11 Relatable Tweets About The Backstreet Boys Wanting To Tour With *NSYNC

Andy Cohen recently asked the Backstreet Boys about their history with *NSYNC and the conversation turned to their potential future in teaming up with their counterparts— with or without Justin Timberlake. Needless to say, fans of the 2000s pop explosion were thrilled with the idea.

Asked about JT's seeming disinterest in touring with his former boy band on Whats What Happens Live on Tuesday night (February 11), the band reasonable spoke about his solo career accomplishments, before Nick Carter suggested that the pop collective would love to tour alongside Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick. "Maybe in the future, after we're done with our world tour, maybe we could do a tour with Backstreet and the four of them, maybe like a package tour," he said. A tour featuring the collision of boy bands wouldn't be totally out of the question as BSB previously hit the road with New Kids on The Block in 2011 sans Kevin Richardson, who had left the group at that time.

None of the members of *NSYNC have yet to respond to the suggestion, but the Twitterverse certainly had some responses. Scroll on below to read the 11 best reactions to the suggestion!

Photo: Getty Images

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