Bronx Zoo Names Roach After Elvis Duran

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the Bronx Zoo has the perfect gift - the original Name a Roach! So what did they decide to do? They decided to name a roach at their zoo after Elvis Duran!

Now you can name one of the Bronx Zoo’s cockroaches after your sweetie, because roses wilt, and candlelight fades, but roaches are forever. You can even upgrade the gift by adding a pair of roach socks for a fun night out or an eau de roach candle to set the mood for a cozy night in as the Bronx Zoo did for Elvis!

This year you can make it the ultimate experience by spending Valentine’s evening at the Bronx Zoo! Meet animals up-close, learn about the laws of attraction in the wild, all while sipping on wine and eating chocolate. It’s a Valentines date they’ll never forget!

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